2017 Updated Volleyball Brackets

Congratulations to all of the teams for working hard and making this year a success in Volleyball. Congratulations to those teams who have moved on in the brackets. Good luck!

Attached is the updated 6th and 7th grade volleyball bracket.

2017 MSSP Volleyball Tournament Bracket – 6th and 7th Grade

Attached is the updated 8th grade volleyball bracket.

2017 MSSP Volleyball Tournament Bracket 8th Grade (UPDATED)

2017 Volleyball Brackets

It is end of season tournament time. All teams play in the volleyball tournament to determine the league champion.
Attached are the schedules and rules for next week’s volleyball tournaments. There are no practices next week, only the season-ending tournament.

If your student practices on Monday/Wednesday their tournament will be on Monday, December 11th.
If your student practices on Tuesday/Thursday their tournament will be on Tuesday, December 12th.

If teams win out, they continue on (see attached brackets).

Note that they must wear their uniform in order to participate in the tournament.

Transportation reminder – students will ride the bus from Bell to the tournament. Students will leave Bell at 2:30pm as a team, on the bus, accompanied by their coaches. Transportation is only one-way meaning students will need to be picked up at the tournament after their games.



A few things for the tournament:

  • The tournament is single elimination and not everyone will play on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • All matches will be best 2 of 3 to 25 (Cap 27) with the third to 15 (Cap 17), only if necessary.
  • All teams must remain the same from the season. Players are not allowed to switch teams for the tournament.
  • Everyone must have an MSSP school shirt to participate.
  • Officials will be provided for the matches, but we may ask for a parent volunteer from each team to line judge, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • There is limited seating (mostly at Whitlock), so please have your parents bring chairs to sit on.
  • Balls may not be used in the hallways or the racquetball courts.

2017 MSSP Volleyball Tournament Bracket – 8th Grade
2017 MSSP Volleyball Tournament Bracket – 6th and 7th Grade

2016 Fall/Winter Sports

Hello Parents!

Middle School Sports are starting up soon! Below is an overview of our Fall and Winter sports! Click here to register your athlete today!

Sport                                                     Dates                               Day

Cross Country                                      Aug. 22 – Oct. 12             M, W

Flag Football                                         Aug. 23 – Oct. 13            Tu, Th

Cheerleading                                        Aug. 23 – Dec. 15            Tu, Th

6th – 7th Grade Volleyball                  Oct. 17 – Dec. 14             M, W

8th Grade Volleyball                           Oct. 18 – Dec. 15             Tu, Th

Boys 6th-7th Grade Basketball          Jan. 9 – Mar. 8                 M, W

Boys 8th Grade Basketball                 Jan. 9 – Mar. 8                 M, W

Girls 6th-7th Grade Basketball          Jan. 10 – Mar. 9               Tu, Th

Girls 8th Grade Basketball                 Jan. 10 – Mar. 9               Tu, Th



2015 8th Grade Volleyball Playoff Schedule – REVISED


Here is the revised playoff dates & schedule for the 8th grade team. Please click here to open and review the revised schedule.

The important items of note are:

  • All games are now scheduled for Thursday 12/17
  • Location is the same – Whitlock Recreation Center (1555 Dover St, Lakewood)
  • Both Bell teams start at the same time on different courts (3:45pm)
  • It is single elimination; as long as they win they keep playing
  • This will be the last day of games & practice for the season

Students will leave Bell at 2:30pm on the bus. The bus is one-way (same as always) meaning parents are responsible for providing transportation from the Recreation Center. Students will be supervised while at the recreation center.

Last item of note: based on our experience at Whitlock on Monday with the 6th & 7th grade teams, I would recommend you bring a chair to sit on and pack snacks/water bottle for your student. Seating is very limited and if they win a game or two they will be hungry and want food.

2015 Volleyball Tournament Brackets

  • All teams were seeded and scheduled based on records provided by coordinators.
  • Tournament will be Single Elimination. 
    • Each Match will be a Best-Of-3, with sets going to 25 for the first 2 sets.  Set 3, if needed, will be played to 15.  Teams must win each set by 2, with a cap of 27.
      • First team to win 2 sets advances, losing team will be eliminated.
    • Only 4 teams will advance to the Semi-Finals on WED & THU.
  • Game times are approximate, if we can start a game early…we will.
  • Semi-Final Game Times (WED/THU) will be determined after the conclusion of all Quarterfinal games on MON/TUE.  You will receive game times the following day after QF games.
  • All substitutions must be made Middle Back…Rotations will be done on EVERY side out. 
    • Only the 1st serve of the set will not require rotation prior. 
    • Team who receives first serve will need to rotate once they get side out.
  • At conclusion of match, winning team must keep the same order and floor spots to start their next match.

6th-7th Grade 2015 Volleyball Tournament Brackets

8th Grade 2015 Volleyball Tournament Brackets

Volleyball 2015

Hello parents,

Volleyball is underway but it is not too late to join.  Please, remember to register your students so that they can play. To register, click on the “registration” link above.


6/7th Grade Volleyball: Oct. 19 – Dec 16 (Mon/Wed) 2:30pm-3:45pm

8th Grade Volleyball: Oct. 20 – Dec 17 (Tue/Thu) 2:30pm-3:45pm

If you have any further questions, please contact Mike @ 303-520-7345 or mduvarney@skyhawkssports.com

Thank you!