2015 Volleyball Tournament Brackets

  • All teams were seeded and scheduled based on records provided by coordinators.
  • Tournament will be Single Elimination. 
    • Each Match will be a Best-Of-3, with sets going to 25 for the first 2 sets.  Set 3, if needed, will be played to 15.  Teams must win each set by 2, with a cap of 27.
      • First team to win 2 sets advances, losing team will be eliminated.
    • Only 4 teams will advance to the Semi-Finals on WED & THU.
  • Game times are approximate, if we can start a game early…we will.
  • Semi-Final Game Times (WED/THU) will be determined after the conclusion of all Quarterfinal games on MON/TUE.  You will receive game times the following day after QF games.
  • All substitutions must be made Middle Back…Rotations will be done on EVERY side out. 
    • Only the 1st serve of the set will not require rotation prior. 
    • Team who receives first serve will need to rotate once they get side out.
  • At conclusion of match, winning team must keep the same order and floor spots to start their next match.

6th-7th Grade 2015 Volleyball Tournament Brackets

8th Grade 2015 Volleyball Tournament Brackets